Stafford District Arts Council (SDAC) supports the Arts in the area covered by Stafford Borough Council (SBC) receiving funding principally from Stafford Borough Council to champion the arts within the Borough and to provide grants to none-profit groups and individuals to bring arts and culture to the people of Stafford Borough. 

Membership is open to all arts societies, groups, and individuals based in the Borough. Applications for grants are considered by the Executive committee at its monthly meetings. Grant applications are now made online. Please note that you must have submitted event evaluations for any previous events where a grant was awarded, and provide a basic balance sheet for your event, a template for which is provided during the application process.

Management of Stafford District Arts Council is in the hands of an Executive Committee elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the AGM there are two General Meetings each year for all members. 

Executive Committee 2023-2024

  • Chair: Roger Foxcroft
  • Vice Chair: Jack Barber
  • Secretary: Graeme Sillitoe
  • Treasurer: Martin Thompson
  • Members: 
    • John Edwards
    • Geoff Dobbs
    • Jonathon Watkiss
    • Andrew Baker (co-opted)
    • Cllr Doug Rouxel
    • Cllr Jill Hood