Grant Applications Go Online!

Through the last year the SDAC has been modernising various aspects of it’s operation to better serve our members, as well as meet the needs of GDPR and data privacy. This is an ingoing effort, as data privacy and security is a critical part of any organisation which collects personal information on people, and in our case, awards funds in the form of grants.

We did some tidying as regards our email and hosting, and now the only two email addresses you need to worry about are:

Additionally, we are no longer dealing with cheques, and all subscriptions and grant awards shall be made by direct transfer. You can find details of how to pay subscriptions on our members page.

Of most impact to you – we have also taken our grant application form online, and updated it to reflect events with remote participation or audience! This is a huge leap forward for us in terms of data retention, and we hope makes the whole application experience easier.

Over the coming months we shall also be moving our event evaluation and other forms online, so stay tuned.

Roger Foxcroft
Chairman, SDAC